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 Guerilla ads that encourage artists to join the society by eluding to how many views they could get on the site. 
 On a 7ft tall digital cube with touch screens on each side, we plan to show work  from various Society6 artists. People will be able to walk up and interact with the   screens, swiping through to see different pieces of work. Through motion   technology, there will be an impression counter showing how many people have   passed by and looked at least once, or have interacted with it. A screen inviting   people to join and shop at society6 will occur in between every few pieces of art.
 During the campaign, we will have art living in random parts of different cities, may it be in the form of a mural, a framed piece, or a poster. There will be a little place card with the pieces information including the name of the work and Society Artist name and a scannable code if you have the app. Through clues on snapchat and instagram, users are encouraged to go out and find the work of art, first one to find it wins a free print of it on any item offered by Society6.
 One of the best qualities of Society 6 is the range of designs and quotes you can find. The target market of Society 6 isn't watching American Idol or Dancing with the stars. Instead, they watch Netflix original and HBO shows. We plan to run digital pop-up ads which feature products related to specific shows in between episodes of each show. 
 The shoppers on society six don't fit in typical demographic boxes. As we created a gift guide we kept this in mind, never asking age race or gender but instead, psychographics of an individual. Helping people to find a gift that someone would actually like.  
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